Eternal Darkness (djeternaldarkne) wrote,
Eternal Darkness

Tonight, I'm heading to Portland

Why you may ask?



Come on.....

Thank you.

Why I'm heading down to DJ! Dementia and Noir are proud to announce a new night.

Oubliette: Step into the dark side of music. This will be a gothic music monthly. Unveiling the darkest djs in Portland and from around the country. Our opening night will bring you long time requested, DJ Eternal Darkness of Seattle in his debut Portland performance.

Opening night Friday April 21st

Djs Eternal Darkness, Apocalypse and City Rocker
5.00at the door for the opening night 21 and up 9pm to 3am
Dementia @ Noir 203 SE Grand 503.231.2925
On the Corner of Ash and Grand
Located underground in the historic Shanghai Tunnels in Portland OR
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