Eternal Darkness (djeternaldarkne) wrote,
Eternal Darkness

So a long time ago

I signed up for some stupid American Family Association's site because I voted in a poll about homosexual marriage (as they wanted to send a message to congress to tell them no homo weddings, needless to say their "poll" was rapidly fucked because suddenly they had like 30% of the vote saying no gay marriage and 70% saying do it!). Usually I use them as a laugh or an eye rolling thing, but todays little nugget of joy (or deer turd) was this:

The Da Vinci Delusion, The Answer To The Da Vinci Code, Separates Fact From Fiction

Huh, I thought Da Vinci Code was FICTION. Wow how quick can this be? Hold up the book and tada it's fiction, we're done, go home.

But no, they had to really drive it home

The Da Vinci Delusion, The Answer To The Da Vinci Code, Separates Fact From Fiction

The Da Vinci Code movie opens this weekend.

Dear e-mail address,

The Da Vinci Delusion - Order your copy today - $25 <>

A few weeks ago we offered The Da Vinci Delusion DVD to our supporters. The response was tremendous.

The Da Vinci Code movie will be released this weekend. The movie follows the book which has sold 40,000,000 copies worldwide. It is sure to generate tremendous interest.

If you didn't order the DVD earlier, you may want to join the thousands of others who did. The Da Vinci Delusion, produced by my good friend Dr. D. James Kennedy and Coral Ridge Ministries, is a terrific DVD which should be shown in every church. The quality of the 60-minute DVD is top notch. The information it contains will help Christians understand how The Da Vinci Code distorts the life of Christ.

The book and movie make several false claims: That Jesus and Mary Magdalene were man and wife. That the New Testament is false testimony. That there were 80 gospel accounts of Christ’s life. That the Roman emperor Constantine gave us the New Testament. That the divinity of Jesus is an invention of fourth-century church leaders at the Council of Nicea.

While the book and movie claim to be based on fact, they clearly are not. Tragically many people, even Christians, will go away believing that the book and movie are factual.

The Da Vinci Delusion DVD is filled with facts. The all-star lineup of participants serve as fact checkers, pointing out the errors called "facts". Those who watch this DVD will be prepared to intelligently discuss the book and movie with those who have been convinced that The Da Vinci Code is based on fact.

If you did not order The Da Vinci Delusion initially, you may want to do so now. Watch it. You will not be disappointed. Ask your pastor to show it in your church. Share it with your friends. The DVD is available for $25, including shipping.

$25 bucks to learn that a work of fiction is fiction? Get outta here! Next up they'll be charging to learn that science is real!
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