Eternal Darkness (djeternaldarkne) wrote,
Eternal Darkness

Well that was fun

I died in the Dungeon of Djeternaldarkne

I was killed in a flooded corridor by the wrath of Mercyspeaks, whilst carrying...

the Dagger of Deleriumd, a Figurine of Clovisdvlbunny, a Figurine of Bluemistress, a Figurine of Staxxy, the Sceptre of Terry Pratchet, the Wand of Mst3k, the Amulet of Avisis, the Dagger of Cagekitten, the Crown of Dragon Trinket, the Dagger of Ladyraven13, the Axe of M Cobweb, the Amulet of Josie Nutter, the Amulet of Fyrepixie, the Sword of Millesimee, the Crown of Djxavier13, a Figurine of Annabelevil, the Crown of Turbolemur, the Dagger of Bettyx, a Figurine of Dporowski, the Crown of Suburbangothic, the Sword of Grace Batmonkey, a Figurine of Madhyena, the Sword of Evilbear, the Crown of Hypnox, a Figurine of Euterpe35, the Dagger of Thecrowgoddess, the Amulet of Sayaka, a Figurine of Msandromeda, the Crown of Winterjaye, the Crown of Kassiopia13, the Crown of Dark Industry, the Crown of Ellenoir, the Wand of Madame Heather, the Armour of Deadlypoetry, the Amulet of Lolitarose, the Armour of Unlimnable, a Figurine of Undrwrld Cre8tr, the Dagger of Parlor Games, the Sceptre of Daisy Cutter, a Figurine of Musicwerks, the Armour of Danny Elfman, the Wand of Dekeboy, the Wand of Kandimetalflake, the Sword of Audiblecell, the Armour of Imp Of Satan, the Armour of Thearidsea, the Axe of Djnon, the Dagger of Gingerschnapps, the Amulet of Zipgunstrut, the Sword of Virgin Prunes, the Sword of Shiny Things, the Dagger of Gothic Chicks, the Crown of Dj Sprockets, a Figurine of Djnevermore, the Axe of F1r3fli, the Amulet of My Poison Apple, the Sceptre of Absinthea, the Amulet of Goofy Goff, the Sword of Kaosqueen, the Amulet of Sadeesabbat, the Wand of Gothfox, the Wand of Mst3k, the Axe of Fire Faery, the Dagger of Gothic Chicks, the Dagger of Darkkisses, the Axe of Betty Rage, the Sword of Broken Teacup, a Figurine of Aria S, the Wand of Stuffed Demons, the Sceptre of Logic, the Dagger of Leannan Sidhe, the Axe of Seidrkoma and 1202 gold pieces.

Score: 1438

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