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To my Seattle folks

As I'm sure some of you have heard, the Seattle Death to all fun Nightlife activities bill is in committee right now. We need to let the city council know that WE (the voters) oppose it. Please write to all the Council as soon as you can at:

Jan Drago -
Richard Conlin -
Richard McIver -
Peter Steinbrueck -
Nick Licata -
David Della -
Tom Rasmussen -
Jean Godden -
Sally Clark -

(or now in handy cut and paste into e-mail form:;;;;;;;;


Here's a sample (that makes good sense to send to them)

I support the local music scene and nightlife in Seattle, and while I don't oppose new sane regulations, I do oppose the lack of real process taken by the Mayor's staff in creating the current ordinance, Seattle’s Toxic Nightclub Ordinance: ie, “Mayor Greg Nickels proposed new nightclub-licensing program that combines the worst aspects of the noise ordinance, good-neighbor agreements, and former City Attorney Mark Sidran’s unconstitutional added-activities ordinance”.

I would very much like to see the said ordinance killed while the Council develops a comprehensive plan for making nightlife safe but healthy.

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