Eternal Darkness (djeternaldarkne) wrote,
Eternal Darkness

Well huh

The Blacklight is closing. Less than a year and it got sunk.

From their official mailing list letter:

Hi Everyone - This Friday and Saturday nights will be our final nights
atCHAC. Monny & I have decided that we just can't buck City Hall (wehave been getting noise/nuisance complaints since the day we opened thedoor), and neither CHAC nor Blacklight can afford to pay the exorbitantfines the City Council is contemplating for any infractions by thenightlife in this town. Our contract is up, so we are going out with abang - June 29th is FabulousFetish Friday hosted by General Bek and DJPaul Aleinikoff, and of course June 30th is our New Wave Dance Partywith DJ Evan Blackstone. Friday we will be upstairs in the showroom,Saturday we will be downstairs in the lower level/lounge. Come on outand dance!
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