Eternal Darkness (djeternaldarkne) wrote,
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HEY OGRE! here you go monkey boy!

Mumbles speech:

Pink, Mother, Diamond, some of you......wait, that's not who you are. You! Come here. Carry me over there. You! open your mouth. Let's see, 1, 2, 32, ah Rudy. That's right Rudy now. Ok, well some of you are going to die horrible horrible horrible grisly deaths. Mainly you! Or wait, what time is it? DAMN! Wrong time, Ok, never mind.

Now where are you going? Oh yeah, werewolves.

Why werewolves you may ask? Well, you may ask? I'm waiting.....

Thank you. Werewolves because they are kind of cool. I mean think of how neat they are! You remember the vampire turtles? This will be better. Trust me. Vampire turtles were NEAT, but trust me werewolf monkeys will be MUCH better.

What? SHUT UP! Ok now each of you has a special werewolf catching kit. Remember, they don't feel pain like us, so you don't have to be that careful. Or maybe you do. I can't remember. STOP TOUCHING HIM!

oh yeah, that's where I was, Bees. Bees are a vital part of every ecosystem. just look at the lowly bee. Slaving away for their queen. Working working working until they die. Except the males. They just hang out and watch for queens and extraplaner invasions. And when they find an extra planar invasion, things get scary.

Hmmm, not talking about bees? Are you sure? Where's Badger? BADGER! CARRY ME!

Now the gate is open, off you go.
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