Eternal Darkness (djeternaldarkne) wrote,
Eternal Darkness

welly welly welly welll

SO I get home from work to the following e-mail:

My name is Tara Gereaux and I'm a researcher at Yaletown Entertainment.
We're a documentary television production company based in Vancouver,
BC, and we are the producers of the award-winning series "Weird Homes"
and "Weird Wheels" (as seen on Discovery's Home and Leisure channel).

We're currently working on a brand new series called "Weird Weddings,"
and I was wondering if you know of anyone who is planning to exchange
vows in a goth, vamp or punk style? (I found your email on

So far, we've featured underwater, nude, rollercoaster, flyball, WWE,
Harley Davidson, marathon, and Dr. Seuss-themed weddings. It's been lots
of fun - any help or leads you can provide would be much appreciated.

Anyone know of any gothy weddings going on?
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