Eternal Darkness (djeternaldarkne) wrote,
Eternal Darkness

Play list for December 17th

Club Vogue Presents Den of Sin
Every Friday Night in Neighbor's Underground
1509 Broadway (Entrance is on Broadway)
9 pm to 2 am

(+) indicates a request

Diary of Dreams - Day-X-Relic
Attrition - Two Gods are Better than One
Sarah McLachlan - Vox
Negative Format - Hues of Grey
Delerium - Dark Matter
Shriekback - Evaporation
New Order - Evil Dust
How To Destroy Angels - A Drowning (+)
Claire Voyant - Deep
Silke Bischoff - Under Your Skin
Siouxsie - Heaven & Alchemy
Rotersand - One Level Down (+)
The Cure - Pictures of You
The Sisters of Mercy - Flood II
Love & Rockets - Haunted When the Minutes Drag
NIN - Down In It
Gary Numan - Dead Heaven
How To Destroy Angels - BBB (+)
Wolfsheim - Touch
Skinny Puppy - Worlock
SNOG - Hey Xtian God
Project Pitchfork - Carnival
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult - Kooler Than Jesus
Assemblage 23 - Disappoint
VNV Nation - Beloved
Icon of Coil - Shelter
And One - Wasted
OhGr - Water
Covenant - Bullet
Xorcist - Bitchend
Juno Reactor - God is God
The Sisters of Mercy - Dominion/Mother Russia
Depeche Mode - Policy of Truth
Siouxsie & the Banshees - Red Light
She Wants Revenge - True Romance
Concrete Blonde - Bloodletting
:Wumpscut: - Thorns (Distant Vocals Mix) (+)
Garbage - #1 Crush (Industrial Mix)
Corvus Corax - Filii Neidhardi
Delerium - Silence
Dead Can Dance - Rakim
Broken Fabiola - Japanese Callgirl
Rob Zombie - Living Dead Girl
Ministry - Everyday is Halloween
RevCo - D'Ya Think I'm Sexy?
Nitzer Ebb - Lightning Man
Human League - Being Boiled (+)
Coil - Love's Secret Domain
David Bowie - I'm Afraid of Americans
Covenant - 20 Hz
:Wumpscut: - Evoke
Front 242 - Skin (+)
Information Society - I Like the Way You Werk It
Sxip Shirey - Mehenatta
The Cure - A Night Like This
The Sisters of Mercy - Lucretia, My Reflection (+)
Dead Milkmen - Punk Rock Girl
HPLHS - Es Y'Golonac
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