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Play List for Fetish Sunday August 25th

Lifeless - Synaesthesia
Sophia's Prayer - Ophelia's Dream
Deserted - Spectre VII
Cold Deceit - Diary of Dreams
Nine Hours Later - Lycia
Hounds Upon the Hare - Shadow Project
Slow Burn - David Bowie
Embarrassed - [Active] Media Disease
The Ocean Beside Us - Ego Likeness
Vision - U Lalume
This World - Clan of Xymox
Cough Suite - Little Death Orchestra
We're So Happy - Danse Society
Mechanic of the Sequence - Neuroticfish
Red Ambition - Faith Assembly
Heart of Stone - And One
Coming Up for Air - Leæther Strip
Hot, Hot, Hot (Extended Mix) - The Cure
Ameno - Era
Flesh in My Veins - Silke Bischoff
Cowgirl - Underworld
Euphoria - Delerium
Stripped - Rammstein
Worlock - Skinny Puppy
Doctor X - Die Form
Dominion/Mother Russia - Sisters of Mercy
Stripper - Lords of Acid
Blood (Live) - Numb
Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie
Ich bin ein Auslander - Pop Will Eat Itself
Release It! - Hate Dept
Corporate Slave - SNOG
Afterhours - Covenant
Water - OhGR
Wreath of Barbs - :Wumpscut:
True Faith - New Order
Beloved - VNV Nation
God is God - Juno Reactor
Hallucination Generation - Gruesome Twosome
Fear - Project Pitchfork
Thrillcapsule - Icon of Coil
Anarchy - KMFDM
Engel - Rammstein
Born to be Mild (Soma Mix) - SNOG
Devil Inside - Electric Hellfire Club
Rollergirl - Apoptygma Berzerk
Flowers by the Door - TSOL
Sex on Wheelz (Glamour Dyke Mix) - My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
Kunstliche Welten - Wolfsheim
Mindover - Girls Under Glass
Brick House - Commodores
Love My Way - Assemblage 23
Bachelor(ette) - Voltaire
Fit for Flogging - Leæther Strip
Felines - Front 242
Cuts You Up - Peter Murphy
Loverman - Nick Cave and the BadSeeds
Who's Laughing Now? - Skinny Puppy

Play List for Gothic Wednesday August 28th

Moon & the Serpent - David J
Distant Sonality - Bill Laswell
Static (Genocide Mix) - Negative Format
Drown Like You - Ego Likeness
Love Gesture - The Trinity Project
Sparks - Faith & the Muse
On Another Shore - Legendary Pink Dots
This Quest - The Dreamside
Leda's Secret - Die Form
Creating an Illusion - Timothy Madrey
Sophia's Prayer - Ophelia's Dream
Tension Dreams - Page 12
Ananda - Love Spirals Downwards
From Foam - Lycia
Flowers - Rozz Williams
Hades 'Pluton' - Sopor Æternus
Far Side of Crazy - Wall of Voodoo
Slow Burn - David Bowie
The Ocean Beside Us - Ego Likeness
Learning to Fly - Leæther Strip
This World - Clan of Xymox
Heartland - Sisters of Mercy
A Poem for Byzantium - Delerium
Alice - The Shroud
Figure in the Mirror - L'ame Immortelle
Trust In Me - Siouxsie & the Banshees
Caught a Lite Sneeze - Voltaire
Nature's Interface - Haujobb
Just Like Heaven - The Cure
Believe - Franka Potente
Epicenter - VNV Nation
Sacrilege - Mentallo & the Fixer
Wreath of Barbs - :Wumpscut:
God is God - Juno Reactor
Coming Up For Air - Leæther Strip
Love's Secret Domain - Coil
Rakim - Dead Can Dance
Unhappy Birthday - The Smiths
Ameno - Era
Cuts You Up - Peter Murphy
When You're Evil - Voltaire
Israel - Siouxsie & the Banshees
Bela Lugosi's Dead - Bauhaus
Blasphemous Rumors - Depeche Mode
Flowers Become Screens - Delerium
Red Right Hand - Nick Cave & the BadSeeds
The Killing Moon - Echo & the Bunnymen
Drool (Mother) - Switchblade Symphony
Fear - Project Pitchfork
Exterminating Angel - The Creatures
Imagine - Die Form
Away - Bolshoi
Strip - Adam Ant
Running Up That Hill - Kate Bush
Bachelor(ette) - Voltaire
Clubbed to Death - Rob D
Lie to Me - Depeche Mode
Once in a Lifetime - Wolfsheim

Play List for Fetish Friday, August 30th

Dirty Epic - Underworld
No Name, No Slogan (Cabaret Voltaire Mix) - Acid Horse
Do You Believe in Angels - The Last Dance
Sad Cunt - The Creatures
Right Here, Right Now - Fat Boy Slim
Bun Ho! - Alien Sex Fiend
Solar Temple - Intermix
Hydra - Ego Likeness
Paranormia - Art of Noise
Do Right - Cabaret Voltaire
Haunted Mix - SPF1000
Intensify - Pygmy Children
Renegade Soundwave (Left Field Mix) - Renegade Soundwave
Mechanic of the Sequence - Neuroticfish
Static (Genocide Mix) - Negative Format
Confessions of a Knife - My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
Tears - Cruxshadows
Sex Dwarf - Leæther Strip
Electronaut - VNV Nation
Thorns (Distant Vocals Mix) - :Wumpscut:
Down in It - NIN
Jupiter - Leiahdorus
Kiss - London After Midnight
I'm Afraid of Americans - David Bowie
Romeo's Distress - Christian Death
Are You Normal Enough? - SNOG
Worlock - Skinny Puppy
Anarchy - KMFDM
I Hate My Fucking Job - The Strand
Cracker - OhGR
Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie
Sin City (KMFDM Mix) - Genitorturers
Du Hast - Rammstein
Stainless Steel Provider - RevCo
Destillat (VNV Mix) - Das Ich
Stigmata - Ministry
Release It! - Hate Dept
Headhunter V1.0 - Front 242
Hellraiser (VNV Mix) - Suicide Commando
Mourn (Remix) - Apoptygma Berzerk
Get Down, Give In - Sick Idiot
Days of Swine & Roses - My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
I Want You (Slut) - :Wumpscut:
Bite of God - Die Form
Dominion/Mother Russia - Sisters of Mercy
Order of Death - PiL
Scratch - Contagion
Prime Audio Soup - Meat Beat Manifesto
Joy - VNV Nation
Brute - KMFDM
Devotion - Artz & Pfusch
Like Tears in Rain - Covenant
Love Cats - The Cure
Kiss - Art of Noise & Tom Jones
Rollergirl - Apoptygma Berzerk
Silence - Delerium
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