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November 22nd, 2001

Nov. 22nd, 2001

We had a good number of folks out last night. And i_feel_sick was out for her 21st! Congrats girl!
In an alternate (Quake) dimension I'm: A Knight

Strong and loyal, being a knight gives you a tender side - but part of you wants to hack things into little bits. Go with that latter instinct, it works well for you.

I'm A Knight! Take the 'What Quake monster am I?' test!
Things I'm thankful for today.

A girlfriend who can handle dealing with me. That's always a good thing. And she's a good cook as well (at least for Turkey).
Ah! I'm in hell! I can't get on to http://www.comedycentral.com to register for their X-BoX give away (To quote the site:

Due to circumstances beyond our control, comedycentral.com is not available right now. These circumstances could either of two things:

1) Our computers are refusing to talk to us. And though we plead, "please baby, please come out of the bathroom," the machine just won't come out. We're buying flowers and candy in hopes she'll forgive us.

2) We're fixing something that desperately needs fixing, so that the comedy keeps on flowing smooth. It'll probably take us a half-hour or so. Check back then.)

I've been checking for 5 hours. I have a feeling that they were hit with a DOS attack.

SECONDLY: gothfox is watching VH1 Classics and making me listen to the BEEGEE's do Staying Alive. I think that this is the like second circle of hell here.

But I'm hitting a food coma, so it really doesn't matter....:)

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