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December 3rd, 2001

108 folks and I did a lot of odd pictures. Now to get a new website for them I think....
Getting ready for a wedding. But here's some fluff for the day:

Take the sheep test at Life & Crimes Of Scott Freeman.
Poll made by scottfreeman.

If I was a work of art, I would be Piet Mondrian's Composition A.

I am rigidly organised and regimented, although my cold and unapproachable exterior hides a clever way of thinking and a rebellious and innovative nature. A lot of people don't understand me, but I can still affect them on an emotional level.

Which work of art would you be? The Art Test

I'm a Common Toad!

The largest toad found commonly in Europe, the Bufo Bufo species can grow up to 20cm in length with a rotund body. Active mostly at night, this toad will walk about slowly, sometimes making short jumps, in search of insects, worms and other invertebrates. This makes it of great help to farmers. At the end of autumn it buries itself in the soil where it remains until good weather arrives again.

What kind of Frog are you?

Dec. 3rd, 2001

Fuckity Fuck. I can't update my playlist right now because Angelfuckingfire is down right now. God damn it. I wanted to be productive tonight.....:(


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