April 4th, 2002

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Ok so while popcorn is a yummie snack throwing it up the next day is bad. Bad bad bad. I've got the shakes right now and I can't stand the thought of trying to get dressed. I'm so feeling like shit. Called in sick and everything.

Blarg. Icky feelings and just me to take care of myself. And I'm not good at watching myself...;)
Evil DJs need love too - by <lj user=gir

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6 hours in the hospital. And what did I learn?

1st - I still don't have insurance and I'm going to be ANALLY RAPED by Virginia Madison.

2nd - I have a fast heart rate and need to get that looked at.

3rd - I still hate needles.

4th - 3.5 gallons of saline solution still don't get me full.

5th - Gothfox is a total trouper for staying with me for many hours when I know that she is hungry.

6th - I have to avoid stress. I'm taking tomorrow off from work and if I vomit, pass out or start shitting blood I'm back at the hospital.

I'm too young to have this many problems with my body. I'm very pissed that I can't have coffee or Aspirin. Migraine time will be SO MUCH FUCKING FUN.

p.s. if anyone knows the Elnk BatPhone number, please post it so I can call in....