May 21st, 2003

Evil DJs need love too - by <lj user=gir

Vogue Tonight

Seattle! Be out! Celebrate some birthdays! Hear some Gothy dance stuff and have a good night!

Yes this means you too. Pimping my Dark Requiem night like it's no bodies business.

The Vogue is:
9 pm - 2 am
1516 11th Ave (on 11th between Pike and Pine)
Full Bar and strange DJ....
Evil DJs need love too - by <lj user=gir

Kind of cute things today

Congratulations! Your perfect match is a Jungle Nymph

This may not be the most outgoing of animals, but at least it's laid-back --
you won't find a jungle nymph in hysterics. These solitary creatures are
covered in thorns. It doesn't throw itself into the arms of other jungle
nymphs, so you may have to work hard at getting close.

Treat yourself to a pair of protective gardening gloves.
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