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August 19th, 2003

Oh wait, memememememe!!

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Ok this is actually kind of fun, but for some reason, Oprah Winfrey really really wants to play a bald goth boi....

Serious Notes

Ok folks, Wednesday is rapidly approaching, but it's Tuesday now. Let's get out and support our scene! Dark Requiem at the Vogue on Wednesday and Die at the Merc tonight! It's also UK Club Hits at the Vogue tonight, so you can bounce between Mistress Catherinna's fine Gothic Music and Ogre's UK Music and have fun, then come out tomorrow for Dark Requiem and Dance to me spinning the fun Gothy Music (and maybe They Might Be Giants stuff, I saw Gigantic and it's now STUCK IN SIDE MY HEAD! They'll need a crane!)

Do it. Don't let Seattle Goth die out.


So I was SUPPOSE to meet with my Doctor today. Called at 8 am to verify it. Left work at 12:30 to walk up there, got there at 12:45, paid my $15.00 checked in, went up to the Doctor's office, and after about 5 minutes was told that they'd been trying to contact me all day (at the WRONG number) and that the Doctor was out today. WHY didn't they say that at 8 am? I can understand them maybe not knowing but cripes...$15.00 down the drain to meet with a nurse (or office worker) and say that my meds are working...

Now I'm a pissed off (and somewhat sleepy) DJ....

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