November 17th, 2003

Evil DJs need love too - by <lj user=gir

More Spam Stories!

She was so malicious to poor little Debbie! Mia made a big clamor.
I had to contemplate the math about eating dogs for a long time. Amber vainly said she was my idol.
She said the speech with such conviction I was scared of her. I mimicked Paris when he tried to walk in his scary pants.
Her ostensibly goal was to get a dress, but the real reason was to see her boyfriend. Laura was apprehensive when I told her Bob Dole loved her.
My dog is very promiscuous. Paris is a real beatnik.
The demise of my hamster made me cry! Paris is a real beatnik.

Again, to translate it: Debbie is a big fat bitch, Mia is noisy, eating dogs means you have to do math, Amber still has a thing for me, Amber has some dressing issues (it appears), Laura is creeped out by Bob Dole (especially with his stalker ways), my dog is a whore who killed my hamster and Paris is trying to walk in scary pants as a beatnik.

Edited to add: She was a really nasty girl, in fact a sadist. I bridled Amber and made her obey me!

Amber, you and I are going to have to TALK....:)


I want a truncheon for Christmas. I am quite often very petulant.