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December 10th, 2003

Happy Birthday to...


on a side note, I just noticed how many of my friends have birthdays in December. What did your parents ALL get bored in March?

Don't Forget!

Dark Requiem at the Vogue tonight. DJ Eternal Darkness spins the finest in gothy music all night long!

Drink special is for screwdrivers, so come down, get your vitamin C to prevent getting the Plague and dance your little hearts out.

Today on More Spam Story Theatre:

Her ostensibly goal was to get a dress, but the real reason was to see her boyfriend. Laura was apprehensive when I told her Bob Dole loved her. usury terrorism by its nature is unpredictable. His perverse sense of humor nauseated me? DJ conceded that I was really god? She was a really nasty girl, in fact a sadist. I was sarcastically telling Amber she was hot. The commander, who had expected to see them in their working clothes? I want a truncheon for Christmas? It is hard to decipher Mia's writing? My dog is very promiscuous? DJ conceded that I was really god?

So today is obviously a day of questions. Except for Laura and Bob Dole. Will she ever return his love? And who is she ostensibly buying a dress for? Could it be for Bob? And Terrorism is unpredictable. However aside from that, did Bob Dole's sense of humor nauseate me? Did the DJ concede that I am god? Did he need to do it twice? Is Amber really a hot nasty sadist? Or am I just sarcastic? And who was the Commander expecting to see in their working clothes? Why do I want a truncheon for Christmas? Why can't Mia write? and WHY is my dog very promiscuous?

Stay tuned for next time when we answer these questions.

Or not. Depends on the spam I get over the days....

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