September 9th, 2004

Evil DJs need love too - by <lj user=gir

Hey, this is what I'm up to tonight

Tonight at the Vogue is the benefit for Mary Jo. She's a small business owner who was recently diagnosed with cancer of the brain stem. $10 at the door, Tau Factor, DeuSex, Black Pill Book, and Noxious Emotion will be playing, I'll be DJing with a few other folks, and we'll be auctioning gift certificates to:
* Aurafice Internet & coffie Bar
* Apocalypse Tattoo and Piercing
* Body Circle Jewelry
* Holy Smoke Tobacco
* Lucky Devil Tattoo and Piercing
* Music Werks Record Store
* Sin City Tattoo and Piercing
* Stone Age Tobacco
* Retreat Resort
* SuperGenius
* S&M Underworld

100% of procedes from the door and all auctions will go directly to Jo and Blue in order to help pay for their current and impending medical expenses.

For more information on Mary Jo, please see