July 26th, 2006

Evil DJs need love too - by <lj user=gir

At the Vogue!

Dark Requiem tonight! We will have CD give aways from Dancing Ferrets, including new copies of their CD "Stand and Deliver - A Medieval Music Compilation" with Corvus Corax, Faun, Irfan, Unto Ashes, Angels of Venice and many other of your favorite Medieval/Ethereal gothic artists.

Also, as if free cds weren't enough, tonight is the premier of the Crypt Chicks! Seattle's newest spooky burlesque troop! There will be dancing! There will be spooky girls doing spooky things to spooky music!

AND, on top of all of this, we'll be giving another print by ravenmimura and maybe even a book or two from one of my favorite authors cmpriest

Most of all, we need you there to support the Seattle's longest running goth night. If we want to keep at least one night goth, we need to see you out!

The Vogue, 1516 11th Ave on 11th between Pike and Pine. Doors open at 9.

Hope to see you there!