December 5th, 2006

Evil DJs need love too - by <lj user=gir

Just to add something real here

I'm at work, I'm sitting on hold with a call. I'm in pants, and light make up (I made 3 concessions for work, pants, no chain, and a bit less make up; instead of the full curls, I just do a line back to about where my eyebrows would start if I had any). After the holidays I'm going shopping for more black poet shirts to wear at the office. Of course in two weeks I start my vampire shift, so at that point, I think that it's mostly moot.

The new job is a learning experience for me, that's for damn sure. I'm doing some things that I'd feel SO much more comfortable with if I more knew exactly what I was doing, but ya know, a good smile and a serious tone will take you places nothing else will.