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December 3rd, 2007

Happy Birthday!

josienutter who I don't see near enough anymore.

So this Saturday (Dec 8th)

I'm DJing folks! All you folks who say you'd like to hear me spin on a Saturday you can this week.

Cirque du Noc is the event I'll be DJing for.

Ladies and gentleman! Divas and deviants! Welcome to Cirque du Noc. Seattle's premier three-ring carnival of fetish delights!

For the kinky and the curious, Cirque du Noc is a carnival of sexy shopping, costumed dance and erotic entertainment.

Whether you are a hard core fetish fanatic or if we have simply piquedyour curiosity for the erotic avant-garde, Cirque du Noc has plenty foryou. Do your holiday shopping at the Fetish Bazaar. Enjoy a show with Circus and fetish performance. Dance the night away to dark, erotic and Industrial sounds at the Fetish Masquerade Ball.

Enjoy a full day of erotic decadence on Saturday December 8th 2007.Festivities begin at noon on Saturday with the opening of the FetishBazaar and don't come to an end until 2am that evening at thecompletion of the Fetish Ball!

Tickets now on sale. Reserve your place today at the Fetish Winter Ball of the season. Don't forget to check out all of our amazing sponsors, and let them know who sent you!

You can see more at: http://cirquedunoc.com/

Hope to see you there! Fetish Circus show starts at 8, the ball starts as soon as it's done.

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