November 11th, 2008

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If proposition 8 was about protecting marriage and the sanctity and definition thereof, and justified by creating stronger traditional families for children, I propose the following two referenda for the California ballot in 2010:

Proposition: No marriage with children may be dissolved by divorce absent a court order finding one or both partners guilty of a felony requiring incarceration for more than ten years or finding convicting evidence of domestic violence. Outside of those narrow circumstances, divorce is removed as a legal option. Abandonment of the home is to be classified as a felony, punishable exclusively by house arrest with position monitoring (ankle bracelets) mandating the fleeing spouse must stay in the home.

Proposition: Any marriage failing to produce offspring within five years (including natural birth, in-vitro birth or adoption) is automatically dissolved through a no-fault process. All assets are divided equally between the two former spouses with no consideration given to any contractual arrangements that may or may not exist. The purpose of marriage is officially codified into law as being for the primary promotion of procreation and the rearing of children. Absent progress towards that goal, the traditional values of marriage are not fulfilled, and thus, the marriage is canceled. All tax savings, meaning the difference between paying the married rate vs. the single rates are calculated by the IRS and added, divided equally, to the tax liability of both parties for the next five years, with interest, to discourage temporary five-year marriages solely for the purposes of preferential tax treatment.

There you go, prop 8 supporters. Reap what you sow.