Eternal Darkness (djeternaldarkne) wrote,
Eternal Darkness

You want to know something that REALLY bothers me?

Flaky folks.

So last night, I'm DJing last night when some total stranger comes into the booth and tells me that the DJ next door (at the juju) tried to burn a CD and got a lame MP3 of Bloodletting. So he asks to borrow my copy promising me that he'll have it back to me before the end of the night. I say sure (after all, I do like to help), hand him the CD and really don't think about it until we close. Hmm, no CD back. No problems, I'll just run next door and get it. I take the CDs down to the door (my ride was getting her car) and I head over to the JuJu. I fight my way in, grab the first employee that I spot and ask him where the Fire Spinners are. He points me to the front of the club. I walk up to the front of the club (looks like the back of the club where I come from, but I'm just a DJ, so what do I know) and talk to the first fire spinner I see. I ask her where the DJ is because I loaned them a CD and I need to get it back. She tells me to hold on and then takes me to find the JuJu's DJ. She plants me by their "booth" and tells me to wait there. She runs off finds the DJ and says something to him. He walks over, grabs his camera and starts trying to take pictures of the spinners. Now I have no problems with that, but I am waiting for a CD I loaned them. I figure it'll just be a few seconds, so I won't say anything. A few seconds turn into a few minutes. The JuJu's DJ is flitting all over the place, someone at the door yells that someone is waiting out front, at which point I bellow back that I'm waiting for a fucking CD. The fire spinner standing next to me (little orange hair one) kind of jumps. I feel bad about that. I don't want to be a dick, but I'm tired and I want to get home. She walks over the DJ, words are exchanged, then she walks back over. "Are you sure that you didn't get the CD back? He says that he gave it to someone to give back to you. Are you sure you don't have it?"

I'm a little testy as this point, so my answers were a bit terse. "Yes, I'm sure that I don't have it back. I've been in my DJ booth all night and no one came back with me CD".

She walks off, gets the DJ and they start heading back. At that moment the guy who the DJ gave my CD to walks past; the DJ grabs him and gets the CD from him. Gives it to me. I leave.

Now what really bothered me. No hey, sorry for the mistake. Nothing like that. Just here's your CD. No thanks for helping; nada. Fucking asshole. And none of the spinners said anything (in their defense, I don't think that any of them really knew). Nothing. Fucking messed up a fairly good evening. Things like this make me MUCH LESS willing to help next time I'm asked.

However, let me state that this is by no means anything bad about Thermogenesis (I should have stated that before). This is more about the lack of courtesy from some folks and personal responsibility.
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