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Play lists are up (or will be in about 20 minutes) at (where we do the hard work for you) or you can just

Play List for Gothic Night, Wednesday November 13th

Genesha's Mouse - The Trinity Project
Visions -
So to Speak (Album Mix) - DJ? Acucrack
This Quest - The Dreamside
Jumping From Tall Buildings - Echo Matrix
Free - Legion Within
Screaming Inside Her - Fear of Dolls
Somnolent - Delerium
My Virgin Windows - Mors Syphilitica
Allegedly, a Dance Floor Tragedy - Suspiria
The Solitary Pilgrim - Arcanta
An Exit - Spahn Ranch
The Ocean Beside Us - Ego Likeness
Death & Solitude - Love is Colder Than Death
Tinderbox (of Heart) - Cocteau Twins
Flowers - Rozz Williams
In Search of the Unity - Aurora
Incendiary Lover - Gitane Demone
Dark Entries - Bauhaus
Ave Dementia - Marionettes
Moya - Southern Death Cult
Assassin 64 - Janes Ray & the Performance
La Sange - Fulano de tal
Terra Firma - Delerium
I Don't Love You Anymore - Wolfsheim
Glory Box - Portishead
Raspberry Swirl - Simple
Nature's Interface - Haujobb
Bachelor(ette) - Voltaire
Chain - Switchblade Symphony
Dominoin/Mother Russia - Sisters of Mercy
Love's Secret Domain - Coil
Coming Up for Air (Ravenous Remix) - Leæther Strip
Burn - The Cure
God is God - Juno Reactor
Bitchend - Xorcist
Temptation - Project Pitchfork
Thorns (Distant Vocals Mix) - :Wumpscut:
Silence - Delerium
Haunted, When the Minutes Drag - Love & Rockets
Smothered Hope - Skinny Puppy
I'll Fall With Your Knife - Peter Murphy
Helpless - X-Marks the Pedwalk
Once in a Lifetime - Wolfsheim
Caught a Lite Sneeze - Voltaire
Water - OhGr
Like Tears in Rain - Covenant
Angel - Massive Attack
Rollergirl - Apoptygma Berzerk
Beloved - VNV Nation
The Bog - BiGod 20
Blue Monday - New Order
Future Ex-Girlfriend - Voltaire
Musette & Drums - Cocteau Twins
Charlotte Sometimes - The Cure
Whisper to a Scream - Icicle Works
Love Never Dies - Apoptygma Berzerk

Play List for Fetish Friday, November 15th

Dark Agression - Behind the Scenes
Jumping From Tall Buildings - Echo Matrix
Fall of the Two Towers - Shard
Flock of 1000 Sparrows - The Trinity Project
So To Speak (Album Mix) - DJ? Acucrack
Evil Genius (Glow Mix) -
Deserted - Spectre VII
Tension Dreams - Page 12
Void - Suture Seven
Big in Japan - Tom Waits
Static (Genocide Mix) - Negative Format
Hydra - Ego Likeness
Drool (Mother) - Switchblade Symphony
Haunted, When the Minutes Drag - Love & Rockets
I Want to Be a Cowboy - Boy's Don't Cry
SexCrim (1984) - Eurythmics
Today - Ivory Frequency
The Requim - Project Pitchfork
Monster - Fred Schneider & the Shake Society
Major Tom - Peter Schilling
Smothered Hope - Skinny Puppy
Lady Marmalaide - Lords of Acid
Down in the Park - Gary Numan
Bitchend - Xorcist
God is God - Juno Reactor
Juke-Joint Jezebel (Original Mix) - KMFDM
Legion - VNV Nation
Sonne - Rammstein
Disappoint - Assemblage 23
Obsession - Animotion
Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order
Rollergirl - Apoptygma Berzerk
Sin City (KMFDM Mix) - Genitorturers
Turning Japanese - The Vapors
Like Tears in Rain - Covenant
Destillat (VNV Mix) - Das Ich
War (Revenge & Nemesis Mix) - :Wumpscut:
Goddess of Lies - BlutEngel
Jupiter - Leiahdorus
Worlock - Skinny Puppy
Rough Sex - Lords of Acid
Dark Angel (Apocalyptic Mix) - VNV Nation
Tears - Cruxshadows
Rush - Depeche Mode
Sex Dwarf - Leæther Strip
Are You Normal Enough - SNOG
Cracker - OhGR
Hellraiser (VNV Mix) - Suicide Commando
Oh My Goth! - Razed in Black
Engel - Rammstein
Timekiller - Project Pitchfork
Love Never Dies - Apoptygma Berzerk
Headhunter V1.0 - Front 242
Scratch - Contagion
Kunstliche Welten - Wolfsheim
Tour de Force - Covenant
Spooky - Daniel Ash
Colours - Sisters of Mercy
Wasteland - Mission UK

Play List for Fetish Night, Sunday November 17th

DJ MetalKat's Opening Set
Consensual Worlds - Delerium
To Protect and To Serve - Silke Bischoff
Emma - Sisters of Mercy
Shallow then Halo - Cocteau Twins
Gutter Glitter - Switchblade Symphony
Slut - Velvet Acid Christ
Bleed - Gary Numan
Temple - B! Machine
Vater Unser - E Nomine
Fundamendum - Lesion
Touch - Wolfsheim
Lose is Wanting - Iris
Boing Boom Tchack - Kraftwerk
American Soviets - CCCP
Felines - Front 242
Growing Up - Peter Gabriel
I'm Dying Alone - BlutEngel
Afterhours - Covenant
Quiver - Book of Love
Fairyland - BlutEngel
Don't Fear the Reaper - Apollo 440
Jetct Order Ne - ECO
Frozen - Girls Under Glass

DJ Eternal Darkness Kicks In
Coming Up for Air (Ravenous Remix) - Leæther Strip
Bitchend - Xorcist
Sonne - Rammstein
Coma White - Apoptygma Berzerk
Perfekte Droge - Megaherz
Tears - Cruxshadows
Kiss - London After Midnight
Dominion/Mother Russia - Sisters of Mercy
Skinflowers - Young Gods
God is God - Juno Reactor
Lowblood - Aghastview
Wreath of Barbs - :Wumpscut:
The Great Commandment - Camoflage
Entity - Project Pitchfork
Worlock - Skinny Puppy
Rollergirl - Apoptygma Berzerk
Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode
Beloved - VNV Nation
Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order
Technoman - And One
I Melt With You - Modern English
Foetal - C-Tec
Hot Sand - The Items
Caught a Lite Sneeze - Voltaire
Christfuck - :Wumpscut:
Daisy Chain 4 Satan - My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
WakeMeUp! (JAB Mix) - Neuroticfish
Like a Prayer - BiGod 20
Your Hands on My Skin - De/Vision
Heroin She Said - Wolfsheim
The Chauffeur - Battery
Love's Secret Domain - Coil
Wallflower - Switchblade Symphony
Glory Box - Portishead
Tainted Love - Soft Cell
The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove - Dead Can Dance

But really it's more fun to read them on the website...:P
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