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Play lists are done!


here or you can simply ignore my hard work and see them
Play List for Gothic Night, Wednesday January 15th

DJ Wire Mother

O Death - O Brother, Where Art Thou? Soundtrack
Keening Song - Kitty Gallagher
Chant de l'Orgue a Fea - Michel Maglia
Russian Dance - Tom Waits
Elergy for the MIssing - Alan Tower
A Chicken With It's Head Cut Off - The Magnetic Fields
Sisters! Brothers! Small Boats of Fire Are Falling From the Sky! - The Silver Mt. ZIon Memorial Orchestra and Tra-la-la Band
Raven Chorus - Sol Invictus
Sulphur - Dead Voices on Air
Fadel's Coven - Howard SHore
Nazareen - Muslim Gauze
Azathoth (a Fragment) - Nyarlathotep
Persuasion - Throbbing Gristle
Nightgaunts - Oneiroid Psychosis
Red Tide - Skincage
Gangadev - DJ Cheb I Sabbah
Dawn of the Dragons - The Residents
One of These Days - Pink Floyd
Nations - Angels of Light
Blood From the Air - Coil
Burning Skulls - Lydia Lunch
O Superman - Laurie Anderson
Love Gesture - The Trinity Project
Between the Fragile Cracks - Iron Halo Device
Beautiful - Download
Broken Chrods Can SIng a Little - A Silver Mt. Zion Mercerial Orchestra and Tra-la-la Band

DJ Eternal Darkness takes the helm!
Ameno - Era
The Hanging Garden - The Cure
Trust in Me - Siouxsie & the Banshees
Temptation - Project Pitchfork
Haunted, When the Minutes Drag - Love & Rockets
Colours - Sisters of Mercy
Thorns (Distant Vocals Mix) - :Wumpscut:
It's Time (Post Kronos Dance Mix) - Butterfly Messiah
Mechanic of the Sequence - Neuroticfish
Bitchend - Xorcist
Return (Coming Home) - Cruxshadows
Kunstliche Welten - Wolfsheim
The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove - Dead Can Dance
Spread - Sexwithsarah
Temptation Serenade - My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
Beloved - VNV Nation
Fun With Drugs - Velvet Acid Christ
Cantique I - Die Form
Damonion - Project Pitchfork
God is God - Juno Reactor
Cold War - Funker Vogt
Coming Up For Air - Leæther Strip
Wat Could I Ever Try - Wave in Head
Minddiver - Girls Under Glass
Kick in the Eye - Bauhaus
Serenade (Clarity Remix) - Lost in Place
Call the Ships to Port - Covenant
Burning Skyes - Tones on Tail
Mine Eyes - Switchblade Symphony
All Night Long - Peter Murphy
Dead Heaven - Gary Numan
Caught a Lite Sneeze - Voltaire
Aisha - Death in Vegas
Boy (2001 Remix) - Book of Love
Clubbed to Death - Rob D.
Get the Message - Electronic
Swampthing - The Chameleons

Play List for Fetish Friday, January 17th (The DJ's Birthday)

Waiting - The Question
She - Suture Seven
The Haunting - The Last Dance
Jumping From Tall Buildings - Echo Matrix
Away - Memo
Evil Genius (Glow Mix) -
Just Breathe for Me - Biotek
Mine Eyes - Switchblade Symphony
Return (Coming Home) - Cruxshadows
Iron Man - Opium Jukebox
Mechanic of the Sequence - Neuroticfish
The Universe - SNOG
Waste Not, Want More (D.O.S. Mix) - Attrition
Save a Prayer - Duran Duran
Whisper to a Scream - Icicle Works
Downtown Train - Tom Waits
Dark Victory - Pain Fetish
A Train to Helsingor - Tau Factor
Intensify - Pygmy Children
Happieness (Underworld Mix) - Front 242
Anthem - Assemblage 23
We Believe - Contagion
We Stand Alone - Covenant
Final Resource - Hocico
One Cut Killer - Distorted Memory
Temptation Serenade - My Life With the Thirll Kill Kult
Yulunga - Dead Can Dance
D'Ya Think I'm Sexy? - RevCo
Juke-Joint Jezebel - KMFDM
Machines - Butterfly Messiah
Wasted - And One
Flesh Menagerie - Informatik
Lightning Man - Nitzer Ebb
Former Self - Icon of Coil
Panic - The Smiths
Hallucination Generation - Gruesome Twosome
Flesh is the Law - Genitorturers
Perfekte Droge - Megaherz
Hellraiser (VNV Mix) - Suicide Commando
I Sit on Acid - Lords of Acid
Stigmata - Ministry
Are You Normal Enough? - SNOG
Dig It! - Skinny Puppy
Technoman - And One
Legion -VNV Nation
Untold Blasphemies - Hocico
Attack Ships on Fire - RevCo
Dominion/Mother Russia - Sisters of Mercy
Scrood Bi U - Lords of Acid
Engel - Rammstein
No Name, No Slogan - Acid Horse
Call the Ships to Port - Covenant
Master And Servant - Depeche Mode
God is God - Juno Reactor
Bitch - Hate Dept
Ziggy Stardust - Bauhaus
Love Song - The Cure
Jupiter - Leiahdorus
Caught a Lite Sneeze - Voltaire
Cuts You Up - Peter Murphy
Faded Flowers - Shriekback

Play List for Fetish Sunday, January 19th

Kiss the Carpet - Sisters of Mercy
The Hues of Longing - Mors Syphilitica
Clear (Alpha Centauri Mix) - Dark Illumination
Megamix - Kraftwerk
A Flock of 1000 Sparrows - The Trinitiy Project
A Train to Helsingor - Tau Factor
P.E.T.R.O.L. - Orbital
Hour of Zero - My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
Hymn to the Local Gods - Shriekback
Ode to Innocense - Sasha Lazard
Melissa Juice - Boards of Canada
Running Up That Hill (Remix) - Kate Bush
Nature's Interface - Haujobb
Furious Angel - Rob D.
Love My Way - Psychadelic Furs
Earth - Beborn Beton
The Union - Silke Bischoff
Silence - Delerium
Bitchend - Xorcist
Jupiter - Leiahdorus
Mal Fadar - DJ? Acucrack
Date of Expiration - Funker Vogt
Stripped - Rammstein
Visionary - Glis
Smothered Hope - Skinny Puppy
Christfuck - :Wumpscut:
Beloved - VNV Nation
Minddiver - Girls Under Glass
Machines - Butterfly Messiah
Kiss - London After Midnight
Water - OhGr
Release It! - Hate Dept
Prefekte Droge - Megaherz
Thrillcapsule - Icon of Coil
Transylvanian Concubine (MM Mix) - Rasputina
Tin Girl, Tin Love - Doll Factory
Untold Blasphemies - Hocico
Crablouse (Sample to the Lab) - Lords of Acid
Creulty - Cruxshadows
Rollergirl - Apoptygma Berzerk
God is God - Juno Reactor
Carnival - Project Pitchfork
Caught a Lite Sneeze - Voltaire
Raspberry Swirl - Tori Amos
Touch - Wolfsheim
Coming Up For Air - Leæther Strip
Believe - Franka Potente
Call the Ships to Port - Covenant
Army of Me - Bjork
Aisha - Death in Vegas
Doctor X - Die Form
Scratch - Contagion
Temptation Serenade - My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
Lucretia, My Reflection - Sisters of Mercy
The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove - Dead Can Dance
Windowpane - Coil
King Volcano - Bauhaus
Ashes to Ashes - David Bowie
Try To Forget (Radio Fog) - De/Vision

See fun to read...Funner to dance.
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