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Holy Crap they are all DONE!

Six hours after I started work, I finally finished my play lists (granted they don't have anything to do with my day job, but still)

Play List for Dark Requiem May 7th

Lifeless - Synaesthesia
Ambiet Otaku - Tetsu Inoue
Kerosene - Bonedaddy
Life Amongst the Black Sheep - Peter Ulrich
Majik - Obit
Uncaging Her Demons - The Synthetic Dream Foundation
At the Edge ot Everything - Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana
God Thinks - Voltaire
Black Death - Qntal
Sunday Morning - The Changelings
Tetsuo - Akira Soundtrack
Boy - Velvet Vimoz
Flute Song - Cranes
My Virgin Windows - Mors Syphilitica
Shout at the Sky - Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
Dark Star - Delerium
Where's the Girl - Voltaire
I Don't Love You Anymore (You'll Die) - Silke Bischoff
Prayers For Rain - The Cure
Sad Angel - Pulcher Femina
Hush - Abney Park
Echoes - Bella Morte
Slither Thing - Collide
Bite of God - Die Form
In Your Room - Depeche Mode
Thorns (Distant Vocals Mix) - :Wumpscut:
Caught a Lite Sneeze - Voltaire
Coming Up For Air (Ravenous Mix) - Leæther Strip
All Night Long - Peter Murphy
Mine Eyes - Switchblade Symphony
Nature's Revenge - Skinny Puppy
Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode
Gottes Tod - Das Ich
Soror Sui Excidium - Sopor Æternus
Temptation - Project Pitchfork
Call the Ships to Port - Covenant
Christine - Siouxsie & The Banshees
Ameno - Era
Anita - The Nuns
Return (Coming Home) - Cruxshadows
King Volcano - Bauhaus
Euphoria - Delerium
Blue Monday - New Order
Haunted, When the Minutes Drag - Love & Rockets
La Machine Modern - Die Form
Kiss - London After Midnight
Marian - Sisters of Mercy
Love's Secret Domain - Coil
Afterhours - Covenant
Shalom - Voltaire

Thursday, May 8th, VOLTAIRE! Show

Obsession - The Machine in the Garden
Echoes - Bella Morte
Alice - The Shroud
Life On Mars - Bryin Dall
Socrates the Python - Peter Murphy
Golden Brown - Simple
You're So Pretty - Audra
Garden of Arcane Delight - Dead Can Dance
Lullaby - Leæther Strip
Gone Away - Lovesick
Dead Heaven - Gary Numan
Dust and a Shadow - Shriekback
Hush - Abney Park
Coming Up For Air (Ravenous Mix) - Leæther Strip
Prayers for Rain - The Cure
Windowpane - Coil
Nine Hours Later - Lycia
Do You Believe in Angels? - The Last Dance
Touch - Wolfsheim
Pikachu - Apoptygma Berzerk

Legion Withing Played

Hollow Hills - Bauhaus
Cactus - David Bowie
The Carnival is Over - Leæther Strip
Burning Skyes - Tones on Tail
Sin - Cruxshadows

Voltaire played! It rocked!

Dead Stars - Covenant
Caught a Lite Sneeze - Voltaire
Endzeit - Project Pitchfork
Tin Girl, Tin Love - Doll Factory
This is Halloween - Nightmare Before Christmas
Mourn (Remix) - Apoptygma Berzerk
The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove - Dead Can Dance
Romeo's Distress - Christian Death
Faster than Silence - Simple
The Weeping Song - Nick Cave & The BadSeeds
Last Beat of My Heart - Edera
Mine Eyes - Switchblade Symphony
When You're Evil - Voltaire

Play List for the Dark Machine, Friday, May 9th

Opium - Regan
Theme De Luna - My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
There are No Snakes in Heaven - Audra
Deserted - Spectre VII
Nine Hours Later - Lycia
Wavelength - Delerium
The Jezebel Spirit - Brian Eno & David Byrne
She - Suture Seven
Fluid - Legion Within
Life on Mars - Bryin Dall
Faster Than Silence - Simple
Sweet (Apoptygma Berzerk Mix) - Switchblade Symphony
Distant Pulses - Negative Format
GoverNet - Xorcist
Echoes - Bella Morte
Don't Crash - Front 242
Under the Milky Way - The Church
She Blinded Me With Science - Thomas Dolby
Do Right - Cabaret Voltaire
Kiss - Art of Noise
New York - MicroChip League
Wasted Sky - Numb
Hallucination Generation - Gruesome Twosome
Blood - Numb
Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstructed Mix) - New Order
Exterminating Angel - The Creatures
Former Self - Icon of Coil
Are You Normal Enough? - SNOG
Wreath of Barbs - :Wumpscut:
You Suck Pussy (ED Mix) - Cosolidated and Lords of Acid
Perfekte Droge - Megaherz
Untold Blasphemies - Hocico
Soul of Ice - BlutEngel
Caught a Lite Sneeze - Voltaire
Assimilate - Skinny Puppy
Lightning Man - Nitzer Ebb
Destillat (VNV Mix) - Das Ich
Scratch - Contagion
So What - Ministry
Hooked - Seabound
Headhunter V1.0 - Front 242
These Boots Were Made for Walking - KMFDM
Sin - NIN
Tears - Cruxshadows
Logic - Bella Morte
I Don't Love You Anymore - Wolfsheim
Under Pressure - David Bowie and Queen
Carrion - Project Pitchfork
Under Your Skin - Silke Bischoff
Get Down Make Love - NIN
The Root of All Evil - Abney Park
Tin Girl, Tin Love - Doll Factory
Virus (Aggro Mix) - Front Line Assembly

Play List for Fetish Night, Sunday May 11th

Deep Hours - Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana
The Subtle Movements of the Entropy Engine - The Trinity Project
Lumia - Synaesthesia
Waiting - The Question
Black Death - Qntal
Something - Coil
Anastasia - Voltaire
Age of Loneliness (Jam & Bread Mix) - Enigma
You're So Pretty - Audra
Faster Than Silence - Simple
The Sexy Data Tango - Voltaire
Horrorgram - Hallucinogen
Boys Like Me - Gary Numan
Halo - Depeche Mode
Life on Mars - Bryin Dall
Wicked - Switchblade Symphony
Hush - Abney Park
Cowgirl - Underworld
Kathy's Song - Apoptygma Berzerk
Return (Coming Home) - Cruxshadows
Water - ohGR
Awakening (Delerium Mix) - Sasha Lazard
The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove - Dead Can Dance
Coming Up For Air (Ravenous Mix) - Leæther Strip
Blood - Numb
Thorns (Distant Vocals Mix) - :Wumpscut:
Cars - Fear Factory
D'Ya Think I'm Sexy? - RevCo
Get Down, Give In - Slick Idiot
Smack My Bitch Up - Prodigy
Jesus Built My Hotrod - Ministry
Sex on Wheelz (Glamour Dyke Mix) - My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
Stripped - Rammstein
Logic - Bella Morte
Caught a Lite Sneeze - Voltaire
Face to Face - Siouxsie & The Banshees
Transylvanina Concubine (MM Mix) - Rasputina
Epicenter - VNV Nation
Machines - Butterfly Messiah
Out Comes the Evil - Lords of Acid
Tin Girl, Tin Love - Doll Factory
Supernaut - 1000 Homo DJs
This is the New Shit - Marilyn Manson
Bachelor (ette) - Voltaire
The Chauffeur - Duran Duran
Bloodletting - Concrete Blonde
Cuts You Up - Peter Murphy
Rakim - Dead Can Dance
Nine While Nine - Sisters of Mercy

I acutally went out on Saturday as well, so it was a full work week of Clubbing for me.


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May. 13th, 2003 09:58 am (UTC)
Broken Alice and I would like to start doing some giveaways of our Rosaries (traditional and non) as well as some Stained Glass Bats. We know that Goth Night is a big night, but we don't know if there's a specific night that you would be open for us to do that. Are you having a CD promotional night one night? Could we just pick a night and be there? I haven't done giveaways at the Vogue in quite a looooong time. Just let us know!



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