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On my way to work today

I looked up and I realized something (actually I partially thought of it yesterday as well). Seattle has some lovely old buildings. Built back in the day when you were suppose to look up to see the gargoyles or the friezes on the buildings. Back when they understood that buildings were suppose to inspire us. Now days it just seems that buildings are built to be big. Big and boring and make sure that you don't look up because it all looks the same. The only "modern" building I've seen in downtown Seattle that is even slightly interesting is the "Pencil" building , but the rest of them? Just boring mirrored tall standing structures.

I really believe that if we had more interesting looking buildings like the Arctic Building (with it's walrus gargoyles) or the Eagle's Hall, that we'd have a some folks who would occasionally stop and look up and actually have a sense of wonder about the world.
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