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Done while I'm feeling CRAPPY!
Answers for staxxy

1. Do you still want to do a joint party for our birthdays next year?

I thought we were planning on it...

2. what do you collect?

All sorts of things! Girlfriends, toys, comic books, books, action figures, CDs. Use to collect Magic Cards, but well, I don't buy them anymore.

3. Monsters?

Well Monsters, Inc. was cute, and AAAAHHH!! Scary Monsters Sucked. However, monstery things are fun.

4. What was your most recent romantic moment, what happened?

Hmm, I think it was tuesday when I rubbed Lori's back for a bit. Not much happened, but Gothfox got her back rubbed! Other than that it's so hard to really narrow them down. So many things in my head are romantic moments.

5. what is your favorite obscure band?

Damn. I think it's the Virgin Prunes or Elysium.

Answers for thedivas

1) What is your favorite type of food?

Between Pizza and Thai.

2) If you could have any super power?

I would use my powers for Awesome or at least for fun.

3) Favorite book?

Hmm, so many, I think that Good Omens by Terry Prachett and Neil Gaimen or 1984 by George Orwell.

4) The name of your first pet?

Kind of funny, my first pet was a dog named after my favorite food at the time, Chunky Peanut butter. My mother swears up and down that I was trying to say something else, but I knew, her name was Chunky (also something I'd been called as a kid).

5) What do you do with a drunken sailor?

Before or after taking his money? Before, we charge them a HUGE cover charge, then after we do that, we make sure that they get removed from the club if they are asshats.
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