Eternal Darkness (djeternaldarkne) wrote,
Eternal Darkness


At least they are still rolling in. So far this is what folks what.

Things I can control

1. Play More New Music
2. Play More 80s
3. More Upbeat Music Earlier
4. Play your requests
5. Play Full on Goth only
6. Play less fast music and more swirly music
7. Not having the music get harder as the night goes later
8. More Flyers

Things I can't control

1. Drinks are week
2. Improve Ventillation
3. Adverstisting
4. Lower the Drink Prices
5. Air Conditioning
6. More drink Specials
7. Decorations to fit the mood
8. More Air issues

Any one else? This is my first stop before I hit the boards, as I think that I like folks here better...;)
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