Eternal Darkness (djeternaldarkne) wrote,
Eternal Darkness

School Meme stolen from Ogremarco

Math: In high school I loved it, in college, it was just something I took to get my minor (but I did like Calc IV, but that's mainly because they crappy ass blah to the blah professor didn't teach it).
Geology: Didn't offer it in high school and in College I worked for the Geology department for a few years doing Geochemistry.
Sociology: Kind of fun. In college it was always an evening class for me.
Psychology: Ack. I have a very low opinion on Psychology, and psychology professors. I worked for one and I have NEVER seen another "science" where you can get a Ph.D. by repeating someone else's work and getting the same fucking results.
Philosophy: Would you like Fries with that?
Art: In high school this is where you made rubber cement boogers. In college I took Jewelry and made knives and rings.
Music: Band was pretty fun. I really enjoyed it. In college I took piano as well just because I needed an easy A.
Biology: Interesting, but not how I was taught it.
Anthropology: I LOVED anthropology! We had Doc. Hawk who just fucking ROCKED. Of course we also had the ditz who said that there were not insects during the dinosaur days because there were no insects because there were no plants....
History: HATED IT! Ack, just stupid memorization of dates.
P.E.: Well it was an easy A and a reason to see girls in very short outfits dripping with sweat.
Health: Eh. Once I took sex ed in high school that was it.
English: I could have loved English, and I nearly had a teacher who killed that love in me. In college I took a LOT of English classes and a lot of creative writing classes. I guess I use to be ok at it. I'm not sure anymore.
Shop: I took it in high school for 1 year because I was trying to fit into a new school. That'll teach me.
Theater: We didn't have it at my high school, but in college...Well I nearly got a minor in it. I did some college plays, and I really enjoy acting and building props/sets.
Languages I took Spanish in high school, French and Japanese in college. I wish I could remember more than how to order beer and get beat up.
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