Eternal Darkness (djeternaldarkne) wrote,
Eternal Darkness

Ah yes

I haven't put any mouth noise up here today.

One of my favorite secretaries is leaving her job at the law firm so she can deliver her child. Such a shame, she was so cute to see when she came into the building. At least I know WHY her boobs got so much bigger over the past few months. She's just like turtlegrrl13 was and didn't show that she was preggers until the last month. Damn scary. Either that or it was the constant lose clothing concealed it. or I was distracted by the boobs. Either way. not fully sure, but it's kind of sad to see her go. Talked to her boss for a few minutes yesterday and he seemed a bit sad to see her leave as well.

And I just ran into her in the hall way and she's been having contractions for 2 days now! So she'll be leaving soon.

Going to the gym in a few. I am a sappy card giving fool today!
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