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The wedding was much fun tonight. Being a BIG dork whilst leenerella let me spin and dip her was so much fun. It was just a wonderful ceremony and I'm happy I was invited to participate.

Always wonder if that'll ever happen to me or if I'm destined to screw up all my engagements? For those of you who read the minutia of my life today is mine and gothfox's three year anniversary. Three years ago today (or tonight actually) we went to see Velvet Goldmine with a couple of my friends. 3 Years ago her and I talked on my bed and talked until all hours of the night, and three years ago she decided to date me. I haven't been happier than I've been with her. And of course her and I have talked about marriage, and I think that we've both decided against it. We may be together in sin forever, but I don't think that she really wants to marry me. Frankly, I can't quite blame her...:)

And I've got some pictures that Lori took up at:

public.fotki.com/eternaldarkness/wedding_shots/ (cut and paste, otherwise it doesn't work)


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Dec. 4th, 2001 10:31 am (UTC)
Maybe a handfasting would fit into your relationship better.
Dec. 4th, 2001 11:16 am (UTC)
i've been with matt for almost 3 years (will be this coing march 15th) and we thought we'd get married we even set a date but a few months ago we were thinking that we really don't NEED to get married. we have rings (we bought 7mo. into the relationship). we'll probably just have a little ceremony on the beach celebrating us and love and make something like vows without actually going through the whole marriage license shpeal.

i don't really think marriage is totally necessary, you can love and be with someone your whole life. marriage is just a paper saying you're together.

becides, 7 years together is common law marriage anyways. ....not that i'm supporting common law or anything ;0P ....

-Cheers and congrats for making it 3 years!
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