Eternal Darkness (djeternaldarkne) wrote,
Eternal Darkness

Today on Spam Soap opera

These are actual lines from the start of one spam message I got today. I think that they are set to mess with filters, but don't work:

The illusive cat was never seen doing the crime. I bridled Amber and made her obey me!
My dog is very promiscuous. Amber squirmed as I beat her.
The irrepressible anger within her came out suddenly in a scream. When I take over the world it is going to be a tyranny!
After being hit John was left in a stupor. I am always in a reverie during French class.
The money was subsidized to nothing when I made up a stupid sentence. I abruptly slapped Katie for no good reason.
She will abet my project. The group consensus was to tell Gary to go be a princess.

So what did we learn from this today? Amber is an S&M/B&D kind of girl, Gary is a Princess, John is in a coma, Katie is abused, my dog is a whore, my cat is a criminal, and I will take over the world after I wake up from my French class where I made up sentences.

She was holding various accouterments Most of my paraphernalia is in my room.

I think that speaks for itself.
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