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Ack! Fucking wonderful VNV Nation, Icon of Coil and Glis show. I really went to just see Icon of Coil and frankly I wasn't disappointed. However, I kind of felt bad for DJ Hana Solo because they pushed the show so that it ended at 2 (instead of 1:00 or so like they normally do) and the Catwalk stayed open until 3. Talk about being big old peni about having folks stay late so that showing up anywhere else was futile. I heard a lot of folks leaving for the Merc, but still....

Anyhow, it was fun tonight, and now I'm sore...

OH YEAH! And I met some folks from Boise who asked what I did for a living (currently DJ) and they asked where (The Vogue), what nights (Wednesday, Friday, Sunday) and then they asked if I was DJ Eternal Darkness (Yes I am). Turns out that every few months when they come up here from Boise they go to the Vogue.

Another European girl (I forgot her name) I bumped into going into the concert room, then asked me the same questions. Her finalish comments where "Oh you know Jeremy? He told me that you are a good DJ, but he didn't tell me that you were so cute".

So I'm feeling pretty up right now....

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