Eternal Darkness (djeternaldarkne) wrote,
Eternal Darkness

Today on More Spam Story Theatre:

Her ostensibly goal was to get a dress, but the real reason was to see her boyfriend. Laura was apprehensive when I told her Bob Dole loved her. usury terrorism by its nature is unpredictable. His perverse sense of humor nauseated me? DJ conceded that I was really god? She was a really nasty girl, in fact a sadist. I was sarcastically telling Amber she was hot. The commander, who had expected to see them in their working clothes? I want a truncheon for Christmas? It is hard to decipher Mia's writing? My dog is very promiscuous? DJ conceded that I was really god?

So today is obviously a day of questions. Except for Laura and Bob Dole. Will she ever return his love? And who is she ostensibly buying a dress for? Could it be for Bob? And Terrorism is unpredictable. However aside from that, did Bob Dole's sense of humor nauseate me? Did the DJ concede that I am god? Did he need to do it twice? Is Amber really a hot nasty sadist? Or am I just sarcastic? And who was the Commander expecting to see in their working clothes? Why do I want a truncheon for Christmas? Why can't Mia write? and WHY is my dog very promiscuous?

Stay tuned for next time when we answer these questions.

Or not. Depends on the spam I get over the days....
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