Eternal Darkness (djeternaldarkne) wrote,
Eternal Darkness

D.J.E.D.: Digital Journeying Exploration Device
D.O.U.G.: Device Optimized for Ultimate Gratification

I'll just stick with that.

I looked at a car today. I may buy it. The owner (the same guy who did gothfox's tattoo) said he'd sell it for like 400, but he's buying a new battery for it, so I'm going to give him like $450 or $475 for it. I think it'll be kind of nice to finally have a car again. I think that I'll save quite a bit compared to say cabbing everywhere...

Now to find a ruler....Hmm, wonder if I have one around here somewhere.

But the day was long, and I'm really tired but at least I have found a carpool ride for Sat & Sunday if I end up working those days.
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