Eternal Darkness (djeternaldarkne) wrote,
Eternal Darkness

I got my coffee

And I'm happy!

I'm at work, and I'm still in a good mood. I'm going to see a co-worker's concert on Saturday and HOPEFULLY be able to make it to the Catwalk afterwards for the Depeche Mode tribute band. Gothfox and her mom will be there.

And this weekend is SEAF as well. Going to that on Friday. Picking to mother up from the train station on Friday after work.

Went to the gym yesterday, realized that Gothfox had my lock, worked out for about 20 minutes before the paranoia of "Wait, I have all my credit cards and cash in my pants, which are unlocked" drove me insane. Today I'm getting a lock so that I can actually do my workout.

Dilbert (the animated TV series) comes out on DVD today. I'm thinking I may have to get that for myself. Is that enough minutia for today?
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