Eternal Darkness (djeternaldarkne) wrote,
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From muskrat_john'a LJ

JK: Oh yes! In fact Gilly is probably the most popular character in Dork Tower. She actually came about because I'd released Dork Tower number one and I was supporting it at DragonCon in Atlanta. I was trying to come up with a story for the second issue and I knew I wanted to throw the non-Goth gamer characters into a Goth party. They would have completely lost it. I was writing a story when a friend of mine (James Ernest) came up to me and introduced me to someone he knew: "Jillian - she's a perky Goth." That was the first time I'd heard about perky Goths. There are a lot of them out there.

It's been really gratifying writing Gilly because I get a lot of feedback from people who describe themselves as perky Goths. Of course they're wonderful happy people, so they're nice to get feedback from.
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