Eternal Darkness (djeternaldarkne) wrote,
Eternal Darkness

So yesterday at work, my last phone call of the day....long story short, the customer on the phone's 2 year old child had made all of her CD's disappear (for her computer). She didn't realize it until her system exploded; she was calling for the drivers for a camera she got some time ago from Earthlink. I was doing research on it (basically finding out that the answer is we don't have the software, but you can download it online) when I hear:

"GET OUT OF THE OVEN! I'm sorry, my boy likes to put his toys in the oven and then we don't find out about it until we start to cook food"

I laughed a bit and then a few minutes later heard the scream of a two year old and a few loud crashes, followed by:

"Hey, stop it! Now he's banging on our Italian marble floors with a mason jar"

The whole time I'm thinking, good lord people put a muzzle on the kid or in a few years you'll hear "Mommy, now it's your turn for the oven...."
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