Eternal Darkness (djeternaldarkne) wrote,
Eternal Darkness

Last Nights Voltaire Show

Ok so I was DJing for it. I was up in my booth talking with many many cute girls who were either coming up for requests or to get a better view of the show. Arid Sea was opening. They did a great show except for the 5 to 6 minute dead time when they had broke a string I guess.

Spun humorous goth music before Voltaire went on. Ok so I cheated and ended with Punk Rock Girl by Dead Milkmen, but well, without playing Voltaire there's only so many "light hearted" gothy songs. Finally Voltaire hit the stage. Sounded a tiny tiny bit scratchy in the voice. Did his songs, joked with the crowd (including his great little "I was just playing in Japan and I'm going to do the same show I did there. Watashi wa no..." and leading into a good 3 minutes of Japanese which I KNOW that </a></b></a>eroticism loved, and I believe understood.), did more songs, talked about how his son is now going to the school where Dave Gahan and David Bowie's kids go, played his cover of China Girl, more joking, sounding more hoarse, and ended with When You're Evil, which he added his "And no one loves you when you're DJ Eternal Darkness...No I kid, He's Luscious" and the crowd turned looked up at the DJ booth and roared....holy crap that was breath taking. Rush of huge positive energy from the floor. Feeling in a goofy mood I did the Lucretia as sung by Fred Schneider over the mike so LOTS of folks got to hear it.

DJed until close, got to FINALLY chat with Voltaire who did let me know that he had lost his voice right before the show and he pulled it out of his ass. Fairly good ass if you can pull that sort of show out.

And Voltaire will be at Musicwerks from 5 pm on today. Go do and see him damn it! Some of us don't get off work until 7 and really want him to still be there.
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