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Ah! The Monkey Overlords have Returned!

One of India's busiest mountain highways is to be cleared of monkeys after complaints that hundreds of primates are causing accidents and harassing commuters.

Some weeks ago nearly 2,000 marauding monkeys were captured in two towns in the northern hill state of Himachal Pradesh and relocated to forests.

Following the success of that operation, forest department officials have now decided to do the same along the 90km-long Kalka-Simla national highway and release them in the wild.

"Monkeys have become a nuisance for motorists, mostly tourists. They are also causing large-scale damage to crops along the winding road in Solan and Simla districts through which the highway runs," says state wildlife chief AK Gulati.

Experts along with wildlife officials are expected due to begin the operation shortly.

"According to the latest count, some 2,035 monkeys reside along the Kalka-Simla highway.

"Our effort will be to shift as many simians as we can as they are a traffic hazard and sometimes cause accidents," Mr Gulati said.

There's more on the site, but I found this damn funny!
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