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well to all my really fucked up friends

I just found the following on

The Oblongs - It looks like this animated series with Will Ferrell is coming!

The WB Network's short-run (13 episodes) animated series, The Oblongs, looks like it's coming to DVD! Starring the voices of Will Ferrell (who will be seen in 2005's big-screen remake of Bewitched) and Jean Smart (Designing Women, Frasier), this series was based on Angus Oblong's underground cartoon world. Oblong and Simpsons writer Jace Richdale co-created the series that was later re-run as part of the Cartoon Network's [adult swim] block.

Back in November we told you about Warner Home Video's plans to celebrate 50 years of Warner Television, and how they wanted to release plenty of new TV-on-DVD box sets throughout the year to support their anniversary promotion. Part of that promotion, as we mentioned, was an escalating mail-in rebate: the more participating season sets you buy, the bigger your rebate!

A link to the rebate form for this promotion has just been added to the Amazon listings for participating titles (including February releases like Full House, Night Court, Fresh Prince, etc.). When you look at the form (.pdf format: Adobe Acrobat Reader required), you see a list of many of the Warner television series titles whose DVDs will be part of the rebate promotion. A few of these titles have no releases on the market yet, but were already known to be in-the-works (like The Adventures of Superman and Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman).

However, if you take a close look at the list, which we've captured and display below, you'll notice that The Oblongs - The Complete Series occupies a spot in the middle of the right-side column! This is the first way we've known that the title is coming to DVD, and we're sure that the show's many fans are glad to hear it. Stay tuned and we'll have more for you about this release just as soon as Warner Home Video makes the details available. Our thanks go to Mark White and the other readers who wrote in to give us the heads-up about the rebate form; here's that list we promised:
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