Eternal Darkness (djeternaldarkne) wrote,
Eternal Darkness

Xiggy and DJ Slack

Jim: "Hell insurance." I'd buy that in a heartbeat,
djeternaldarkness: Yeah I know...
Jim: Or maybe just a little Monopoly "Get out of Hell free" card...
djeternaldarkness: I think that'd be better for us...
Jim: "Do not pass the Gates of Horn and Ivory, do not collect eternal salvation?"
djeternaldarkness: trying to give to religious reicht more ideas about board games I see....
Jim: I've seen the light, Doug... I'm a changed man....
Jim: When I went outside yesterday, there it was, hanging in the sky... the Light!
Jim: At first its glare blinded me.... but now I'm more used to it....
Jim: It always seems to be around when I'm awake...
djeternaldarkness: NO NOT THE LIGHT!
Jim: I guess God likes the summer, because the Light is around more often then...
Jim: Some people try to shield themselves from the Light with special glasses. This explains why dark glasses are actually tools of Satan.
djeternaldarkness: Yeah! Tools of Satan! i'm all over then! God proof Sunglasses
Jim: ... proof against seeing the Light. That's actually kinda a cool idea ...
djeternaldarkness: It is. We should market...
Jim: Hey, wait a minute. Marketing means doing real work, right?
djeternaldarkness: FUCK! We
djeternaldarkness: we'll hire folks to do it.
Jim: Hey! But hiring folks is work too... that's what HR people do.
Jim: What we need is a work-free alternative....
Jim: Hell, chatting about it is like a work deficit activity... Not only am I not working, but I should be, so it's like I'm doing negative work.
Jim: Maybe if we chat about it for long enough I'll build up enough negative work so that any positive work I do will cancel out.
Jim: For a net work of zero.
djeternaldarkness: Yeah!@ Net Zero Work! I need that too...
Jim: Well, let's think about this a moment....
Jim: The Third Law of Thermodynamics says that disorder increases over time in an ordered system.
Jim: If your work is to create order (by, for instance, troubleshooting problems), then by definition we have to do more negative work than positive work, or we are defying physics.
Jim: So by chatting we are merely obeying the laws of physics.
Jim: It's a natural and necessary byproduct of being a productive worker.
Jim: I think I'm going to start writing my dissertation on Anti-Work, those things that most powerfully cancel out Work and thus keep the universe in a steady state of decline.
djeternaldarkness: Yeah! Typing is one..
djeternaldarkness: internet. Talking to folks on the phone while you should be working instead of complaining about your ISP...
djeternaldarkness: I think that we're on to something ehre.
Jim: Ah! I just completed at least three units of work. Quick! Get me some anti-work!
Jim: There's even strange parallels to matter and anti-matter. When work and anti-work meet (such as, when, your boss catches you surfing porn) the resulting reaction is certainly energetic.
djeternaldarkness: Yes is it...You'd better LJ post this man...
Jim: That's true... I should get the LJ client here at work and put it in there instead of abusing IM like this...
djeternaldarkness: Naw, use them both, sometimes you need to have someone to shake a little creative
Jim: I like to think of it less as "creativity" and more as "venting a certain amount of insanity in order to keep from blowing the boiler."
djeternaldarkness: Yeah, I need that from time to time. I'm really stressed due to FUCKING STUPID customers who can't understand that we need their username
Jim: "What mail server are you running on the backend?" "Internet Explorer." This a real quote from a real network admin manager the other day.
djeternaldarkness: ACK! trades?
Jim: Just swap our users and see if either of them notices?
djeternaldarkness: I'll bet you that they won't at first. At least until I start asking for Credit Card numbers to find their accounts. Then they may notice.
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