Eternal Darkness (djeternaldarkne) wrote,
Eternal Darkness

Bath Bomb Time

I'm thinking that prices will be $7.00 for 5 bombs. You can either mix and match scents or get batches of 5. With or without glitter, however, from folks who have used my official DJ Eternal Darkness bomb, you'll know that the glitter is light and isn't uncomfortable in delicate areas. Colors are usually mild (I'm working on making them darker, but I'm trying to draw a line between looks good in the package but will stain your bath tub).

Right now I have a small limited run of purple Almond Chocolate with glitter (which I made yesterday) available, and I'll be making another batch today (more than likely violet or lavender). Shipping if you don't live in Seattle will be figured separately, and right now, just for the folks that are interested, if you add a reply here with what scents you'd like, I'll make them first. After this, it'll be on a "Hey, this is what I made today" basis.
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