Eternal Darkness (djeternaldarkne) wrote,
Eternal Darkness

Hmmm, who's brilliant Idea was this?

so on Friday I tried to access the 4th floor. Sat there and it buzzed funny at me. I asked the security guard if there was something up, he said no and left it at that. I wondered around and eventually found someone to let me in.

Didn't think more about it until today. I talked to our security guy and found that according to a NEW policy, 4th floor folks can't come to the 6th floor and vice versa.

Ok, so who's brilliant idea was this? HR is on the 4th floor, as are a LOT of our corp folks. So now if you don't work tech support, you can't see them.

ALSO I can't just go and get my ride at the end of the day (and conversly he won't be able to meet me at my cube). make of it what you will....
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