Eternal Darkness (djeternaldarkne) wrote,
Eternal Darkness

Ok BathBomb folks!

Here's what I have right now ready to sell. 5 for 7$ (shipping is extra). Paypal and cash and checks accepted. Please note that colors and shapes vary as orders are filled, but I do try and make each scent the same color (as I usually make them in batches). Scent and number avialable (UPDATED FOR RECENT ORDERS):

Belladona Relaxation (A delightful mix of Belladona and catnip, great for calming you down at the end of a day) (No Glitter): 13
Cinnamon Wake UP (a perk mix of Cinnamon and other scents to help awaken the skin and the mind) (glitter): 15
Cyanide in the Evening (a floral Almond and vanilla mixture) (no glitter): 12
Canton Rose (It's Rose scented and wonderful) (no glitter): 14
Strawberry (no glitter): 14
Honeysuckle (One of my favorite scents) (no glitter): 14
Tangerine (so citrusy you'll want to eat it) (no glitter): 14
Vanilla (no glitter): 12
Pumpkin King (A Black Pheonix Alchemy Lab mix, great pumpkin spice smell, C11 exclusive scent) (no glitter): 14
Lavendar (another great relaxation scent) (no glitter): 14
Chocolate Cyanide (a floral almond and chocolate scent) (Glitter): 7

There we go, please place your orders here and I'll be updating qualities as orders are placed. When one runs out I'll replace it (except Pumpkin King. That's a special order and I think that I can only make a few more batches before I'm out of that oil).

P.S. if you've purchased and used my bath bombs, I'd LOVE some feedback on them. After all I can say that they are great, but having other folks let people know what they think helps as well.

Thanks folks!!
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