Eternal Darkness (djeternaldarkne) wrote,
Eternal Darkness

Fetish Night at the Vogue

At tonights Fetish Night (aside from being a 3 day weekend) we will have CD give aways. GothMinister (Death Metal Goth), Dreamside (Swoopy Goth) and Dancing Ferret's 10 year anniversary album (a fun collection of a lot of damn good music including the Cruxshadows and Qntal, as well as many others); also as a bonus feature, I'll be giving away copies of my special compilation that I call "Music the DJ Thinks You Should Hear."

Doors open at 9.

The Vogue is located at 1516 11th ave (on 11th between Pike and Pine). Fetish wear is encouraged. See you all there!

p.s. for all those who know that I make bath bombs, I'll be bringing down a selection that you can purchase at the club.
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