Eternal Darkness (djeternaldarkne) wrote,
Eternal Darkness

Ever wonder what I do all day?

djeternaldarkness: Tools are broken today!
gothfox: yay fun!
djeternaldarkness: Oh you know it. 99 calls in the queue and our major tools are broken.
gothfox: wow that sucks
gothfox: outage?
djeternaldarkness: something like that.
gothfox: ahhh ok
djeternaldarkness: Yeah, I'm so happy.
gothfox: yaeh I bet
djeternaldarkness: So how's things there today?
gothfox: busy 27 calls in the queue
djeternaldarkness: huh, 58 here.
gothfox: wow went down fast
djeternaldarkness: yeah, well when everyone works on it, we have many more than just 30 CSRs here.
gothfox: wow
djeternaldarkness: Yeah, we're down to 36 now.
gothfox: yay!
gothfox: we are down to 23
djeternaldarkness: back up to 45. I have a feeling this is where it'll stay.
gothfox: yep most likly
djeternaldarkness: :X
gothfox: :X
djeternaldarkness: well tonights game should be ok, now that I have some direction again.
gothfox: good i'm glad i could help you'
djeternaldarkness: yeah, it was totally nice
gothfox: yay
djeternaldarkness: I'm glad that you care.
gothfox: :D
djeternaldarkness: or at least act like you care.
gothfox: hehehe
djeternaldarkness: you know there are customers that you just want to scream at to shut the hell up.
gothfox: yep
djeternaldarkness: AH, today will be much better when it's over.
djeternaldarkness: :))
gothfox: yep i agree
djeternaldarkness: well we're down to 26
gothfox: yay we just went down to 15
djeternaldarkness: good.
gothfox: yeah we will see if it stays
djeternaldarkness: no kidding
djeternaldarkness: I'm on break now.
gothfox: yay!
gothfox: i should be
djeternaldarkness: I know, but at least it makes your afternoon go faster, doesn't it?
djeternaldarkness: So what are you doing tonight? going to try and work out with Ceci?
gothfox: i'm going to call her first to make sure no one is there
djeternaldarkness: Ok.
djeternaldarkness: She wasn't out last night
gothfox: humm well she was probably at the con or somthing
djeternaldarkness: nope, they stop on Sunday at like 5
gothfox: brb must pee
djeternaldarkness: k
djeternaldarkness: crap, remind me to make sure that your mini is in the box tonight.
gothfox: yep you need to do that
djeternaldarkness: I know. I glued it.
gothfox: yay
djeternaldarkness: clever am.
gothfox: deb fucked my schedule with out telling me
gothfox: she changed it and didn't say a thing
djeternaldarkness: so what is it now?
gothfox: 9-6
gothfox: later and later
gothfox: but what i'm going ot do is come in at 8am and get ot every fucking day untill she switches me back
gothfox: so no working out for me tonight
djeternaldarkness: 9 to 6? wow that's kind of odd.
gothfox: yeah you are telling me
djeternaldarkness: even on Sunday?
djeternaldarkness: so your lunch is still at 1?
gothfox: yes i'm taking it then
djeternaldarkness: k
djeternaldarkness: Sorry about the schedule thing.
djeternaldarkness: Kind of sucks.
gothfox: yeah it does
gothfox: it's annoying
djeternaldarkness: Sorry baby.
gothfox: it's ok
gothfox: damn I forgot to bring my lunch with me as well :(
djeternaldarkness: me too...:((
gothfox: that sucks, we both suck today
gothfox: and i'm really hungry
djeternaldarkness: me too. And I didn't do breakfast either.
gothfox: ppo
gothfox: poo
djeternaldarkness: no kidding. No time today.
gothfox: yep i just forgot
gothfox: poo
djeternaldarkness: so what are you doing for lunch?
gothfox: don't know yet
gothfox: i should decided shouldn't I?
djeternaldarkness: yeah you should. I'm not sure what I'm doing either.
gothfox: I got teriayki
djeternaldarkness: yeah! I'm fairly certian I'm going to do that as well.
djeternaldarkness: Where do you get Teriyaki from there?
gothfox: moms teriyaki
djeternaldarkness: where's that?
gothfox: by crack park
djeternaldarkness: yuck
gothfox: it's ok
gothfox: clean looking
djeternaldarkness: that's good I guess. no Crack Heads out today?
gothfox: nope not really
djeternaldarkness: well that's good.
gothfox: yep
djeternaldarkness: and Izzy is still sick...:)
gothfox: that uscks
djeternaldarkness: Yeah, but we're still gaming tonight. Don't forget the Greater Magic Weapon spell...You'll need it...:)
gothfox: ok
djeternaldarkness: yeah, I'm thinking that fried rice would be good today.
gothfox: yep
djeternaldarkness: love you baby. Judy talked to me last night at the club.
gothfox: I'm at lunch
gothfox: what did she say?
djeternaldarkness: she thought that we were having issues on Friday.
djeternaldarkness: She kind of felt bad as she thought that we were fighting. I just told her that we were both really tired...:))
gothfox: ahhh sorry we made her feel that way
djeternaldarkness: Yeah I told her that it wasn't her, it's just things and to not worry about it. She said that she was happy that you were smiling when she left.
gothfox: hehe
gothfox: ok
djeternaldarkness: yeah, so it's good.
djeternaldarkness: Ok, so I got hot pocket for lunch. Not enough gumption to go outside.
gothfox: yeah I understand
djeternaldarkness: guess geekers got her tickets.
gothfox: yep she did
gothfox: she got them today
djeternaldarkness: she messaged me as I was leaving.
gothfox: cool
djeternaldarkness: Yeah. She's all happy about it.
gothfox: yeah she si
djeternaldarkness: that's nice.
djeternaldarkness: man, I'm SO ready to leave today. Granted not as ready as you are...:)
gothfox: oh i'm ready and I have to be here an hour past when I planned on leaving
djeternaldarkness: I know. that just sucks.
gothfox: yeah it does
gothfox: fucking people can suck it
djeternaldarkness: Suck alex, suck it long and suck it hard.
gothfox: yep!
djeternaldarkness: Anyhow. How's your day going?
gothfox: busy
gothfox: it sucks
djeternaldarkness: same here.
gothfox: yep I understand
djeternaldarkness: well may be in trouble now.
djeternaldarkness: Printed out some stuff for the game tonight and I forgot about it. Anthony brought it over and said something, but because I was on a call and trying to deal with 4 things at once, I missed what he asked/said.
gothfox: ouch
gothfox: that sucks
djeternaldarkness: yeah. And now I'm all stressed. Izzy went home sick today (he's going to pick me up for the game, I think that he's just not feeling like working now)
gothfox: slacker
djeternaldarkness: no kidding. Damn Lori, I'm all upset and jittery now.
gothfox: i'm sorry just ask him what he said over mesenger or something
djeternaldarkness: he's at lunch now.
gothfox: good don't stress
gothfox: jesus you freak over lead pressure don't you?
djeternaldarkness: yes I do. I'm not sure why I do, but I really freak over it.
gothfox: i'm sorry
djeternaldarkness: yeah, and I just saw him come back in, but I haven't "heard" back in our messanger yet.
gothfox: ok
djeternaldarkness: yeah, so I'm not much better now.
gothfox: sorry
djeternaldarkness: ack. Still nothing back.
gothfox: oh well maybe he didn't see it
djeternaldarkness: Still here?
gothfox: eyp i'm here
gothfox: are you?
djeternaldarkness: for now. Anthony didn't say anything so I guess it' was nothing.
gothfox: ok
gothfox: cool
djeternaldarkness: Or maybe I'm just being naive.
gothfox: maybe
gothfox: not sure
djeternaldarkness: ok so geekers gets in Thrusday at 8:10 and leaves on Friday the 31st
gothfox: cool
djeternaldarkness: yeah
gothfox: ok Ceci is pissing me off, I called to tell her I couldn't work out and she isn't even there
djeternaldarkness: Grr...
djeternaldarkness: I'm sorry honey.
gothfox: yep isn't that nice
gothfox: it's ok i'm just not supprised by it
djeternaldarkness: upset about it tho
gothfox: are you?
djeternaldarkness: a little I think.
gothfox: yeah
djeternaldarkness: And you are as well?
gothfox: yes a bit
djeternaldarkness: figured as much. Sorry honey.
gothfox: it's ok not your fault
gothfox: bye i'll be home soon
djeternaldarkness: ah, it was a fine meeting. No reason to panice.
djeternaldarkness: er panic
gothfox: what happened?
djeternaldarkness: Oh just something about how I was entering credits in our Unix database; I'd been doing it wrong, but it's all better now. And now I know (that's all it was, and I was freaking out over NOTHING).
gothfox: yep figured as much
djeternaldarkness: :P
gothfox: :P
djeternaldarkness: You should call Izzy and see if you could ride out to see where I work...;)
gothfox: no i don't want too
gothfox: i'm tired and not feeling good right now
djeternaldarkness: Sorry honey.
djeternaldarkness: Still coming to the game tonight?
djeternaldarkness: OH! Do me a favor look up the duration on Greater Magic Weapon, K?
gothfox: yep still coming to the game
gothfox: :(
djeternaldarkness: K. Just hoping.
djeternaldarkness: You know what's scary? We still have 45 calls in queue...
gothfox: i will later i have no clue where to find it
djeternaldarkness: in the magic spell area. It's all alphabetica.
djeternaldarkness: er alphebetical
gothfox: ok
djeternaldarkness: find it?
gothfox: not looking too tired
djeternaldarkness: ah. well you should head over to my house soon.
djeternaldarkness: and maybe you shouldn't be doing 9 hour days...;)
gothfox: i will I still ahve 40 minutes
gothfox: no shit
djeternaldarkness: do you have to be there at 8>
gothfox: no 9
djeternaldarkness: so just take the 9. Get the hour of sleep.
gothfox: ok
djeternaldarkness: or at least that's my feeling.
gothfox: yeah i know mine as well righ tnow
djeternaldarkness: I mean the 5 hours of OT would be nice, but honey, you can't do that anymore like you use to.
gothfox: i never did it before
djeternaldarkness: when you managed G&G you did honey.
gothfox: yeha true
djeternaldarkness: same as when you were doing that I was working 10 hour days in the office (so I was working for 10 hours...;) )
gothfox: true
djeternaldarkness: So I had a DSL customer today that's moving over to you guys.,
gothfox: hehehe
gothfox: :P
djeternaldarkness: so I wonder why I'm getting so tired when I'm at the club now. It's making me grumpy as well. Maybe I need to start doing Coffee again on DJ days.
gothfox: maybe
djeternaldarkness: like when I'm getting home, just swing by Starbucks and such.
gothfox: there you go
djeternaldarkness: Speaking of that, one of the barista's from there was out last night with her girlfriend (of 4 hours).
gothfox: wow
gothfox: lol
djeternaldarkness: Yeah, it was the short bruenette with the snaggle tooth.
gothfox: lol
djeternaldarkness: You know who I'm talking about, yes?
gothfox: nope
djeternaldarkness: ah. Well I'd say stop by on your way to my house tonight, but I want you to be able to sleep at 12....
gothfox: yeah i know me too
gothfox: i'm getitng soda this week damn in ...none of that cherry coke crap!
djeternaldarkness: well actually, if you get it now, you should be fine by 11:30 or so, and then you could get some for me too?
djeternaldarkness: coffee that is.
gothfox: yes
djeternaldarkness: And grab water for me. I need hydration.
gothfox: i'm nto getting coffee
gothfox: i'm getting soday
djeternaldarkness: soday? Soday Pop?
djeternaldarkness: :))
gothfox: yes
djeternaldarkness: Ah, last call of the day as I'm on hold for our Major Accounts...:) yeah me!
gothfox: popoh
djeternaldarkness: wow, I know that I've done a butt load of calls too.
gothfox: good
djeternaldarkness: and I feel better knowing that I wasn't really in trouble...;)
gothfox: yeah i bet
djeternaldarkness: ah tonight will be much fun! So you're getting coffee for me?
gothfox: coffee...:( i suppose I don't ahve much cash
gothfox: you coffee is so expensive
djeternaldarkness: I'll give you cash at my house.
gothfox: ok just buy my food tonight then
djeternaldarkness: np, that I can do, as I have like 50 on me, but it's 2 20's. And I only made 1$ in tips last night.
gothfox: i'm getting you iced weather you like it or not
gothfox: yuck well oh well notmuch I cna do about that i only have 10$ on me
gothfox: ok i'm out of ehre
djeternaldarkness: Iced is good.
djeternaldarkness: :X
gothfox: okl bye:X
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