Eternal Darkness (djeternaldarkne) wrote,
Eternal Darkness

Play Lists for February 1st and 5th

The Vogue
1516 11th Ave
(on 11th between Pike and Pine)
21 +
Doors open at 9.

(+) Indicates a request

Play List for Dark Requiem February 1st

Opening Album: Boo-Hoo by Voltaire
Future Ex-Girlfriend
I'm Sorry
#1 Fan
Where's The Girl?
See You in Hell
The Vampire Club
Graveyard Picnic
...About a Girl
Song to the Siren - This Mortal Coil
Surveillance - Noise Unit
The Serpent's Fruit - High Blue Star
Plain - Marina Sirtis
Mortal Clay Remix - Mortal Clay
Pi - Kate Bush
The Tiger - Juliette 6
Satyros - Faun
Ullyses - Dead Can Dance
Dreams Torn Away - Reliquary
Flowers Become Screens - Delerium
The Inside World - The Machine in the Garden
On Another Shore - The Legendary Pink Dots
The Supreme Vice - Die Form
The Mercy Seat - Nick Cave & the BadSeeds
Pluto Dive - The Creatures
The Radio - Ayria
Faith - The Cure
Cold Damp Day - Clan of Xymox
Once in a Lifetime - Wolfsheim
Paris is Burning - Romance
God is God - Juno Reactor
Mitternacht - E-Nomine
The Oxidising Angel - Blut Engel
How Soon is Now? - The Smiths
The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum - Collide
Spirit - Bauhaus
Swamp Thing - The Chameleons
Dead Heaven - Gary Numan
Lucretia, My Reflection - The Sisters of Mercy
Rakim - Dead Can Dance
Mindstalking - Lunascape
Take You Down - Wings of Mirra
Renegade Sound Wave (Left Field Mix) - Renegade SoundWave
Perfect Murder - The Glove
The Cage Complex - Haujobb
Vanished - Front Line Assembly
Are We Not Sinners? - Leæther Strip
No Tomorrow - Funker Vogt
Untold Blasphemies - Hocico (+)
Stigmata Martyr - Bauhaus (+)
Deep in the SweetWater - Rasputina
Subway - Peter Murphy
Never Say Never - Romeo Void
Inbetween Days - The Cure
Jupiter - Leiahdorus
Love Like Blood - The Killing Joke
Roads - Portishead

Play List for FreakSkate February 5th

Freak - Razor Skyline
Butterfly Dance - Diary of Dreams
Let the Wind Erase Me - Assemblage 23
Lips Like Sugar - Echo & the Bunnymen
Corporate Slave - SNOG
Outside - Aphex Twin
D'Ya Think I'm Sexy? - RevCo
Worlock - Skinny Puppy

Set 2:

If I Only Where a Goth - Thoushaltnot
Chicken Dance - Mars Saxman (+)
Rollergirl - Apoptygma Berzerk (+)
Take You Down - Wings of Mirra (+)
Hurt - Johnny Cash (the Special FALL ON YOUR BUTT SKATE!)
Come Together Closer - NIN Vs. The Beatles
Everybody Knows - Leonard Cohen
Filli Neidhardi - Corvux Corax
Tonight - More Machine Than Man
They're Coming to Take Me Away - Neuroticfish
Hokey Fuckin' Pokey - Psychostick (+)
This is my Rifle - Combichrist

Play List for Fetish Night February 5th

Nocturn - Kate Bush
Thorns (Distant Vocal Mix) - :Wumpscut: 9+)
English Summer Rain - Placebo
Simbi - Sun God
I'll Fall With Your Knife - Peter Murphy (+)
The Radio - Ayria
Lullaby (Extended Mix) - The Cure
Cowgirl - Underworld
Mitternacht - E-Nomine
Strangelove - Depeche Mode
Stripped - Rammstein (+)
Maniacal - Front Line Assembly
Panzer Mensch - And One
Undone - Rotersand (+)
Oh My Goth - Razed in Black (+)
Satisfaction - Benny Benassi
Come to Daddy - Tumor (+)
Purple Haze - The Cure (+)
You Don't Wanna - Tricky (+)
Heroin, She Said - Wolfsheim (+)
Evoke - :Wumpscut:
Welcome to Paradise - Front 242
Stripper - Lords of Acid
Paris is Burning - Romance
Exterminating Angel - The Creatures
Cars - Fear Factory
Firestarter - Prodigy (+)
Spider's Bride - The Machine in the Garden
Pro-Test - Skinny Puppy
16 Miles - Ego Likeness
Never Say Never - Romeo Void
Baby One More Time - Doll Factory (+)
Why Can't I Be You? - The Cure
Destroy Everything You Touch - Ladytron
Window Licker - Aphex Twin (+)
The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum - Collide (+)
Pleasure Principal - Lesbians on Ecstasy
The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove - Dead Can Dance
Dances in the Air - Project Pitchfork
No Sanctity - Wings of Mirra
You Are My Megaphone - Invisible Ballet
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