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Writing Oddball Things

Eternal Darkness
17 January 1969
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I'm just a Gothic/Industrial DJ in Seattle. I like to pretend that I can write and such. I suck at writing bios. I will someday age, but not right now.


My radio play lists are always going to be at:

http://radio.theevilpeople.com/ (every Wednesday)
http://www.live365.com/stations/djeternaldarkness (not updated in forever)


from gothroyalty

My old favorite flyer for the Vogue made by charmed_art!:

But then the club closed. Now Club Blacklight on Sunday nights has closed as well. Next was Club Vogue at CHAC where I DJ'ed with Evan Blackstone and DJ Chance until we moved to Neighbor's Underground. I DJ'ed on Saturdays there for years but currently I am looking for new physical DJ events.

I also do various events around Seattle, Portland, and pretty much anywhere else that can afford me.

And I look somewhat like:

photo by Nightshade Studio
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